Aaron Mew was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and spent the first 17 years of his life in the suburbs of central Oahu. After graduating high school, Aaron moved to Georgia and attended the Savannah College of Art and Design for four years before graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Sequential Art. After college he held a short internship at Zylonol Studios, scanning and coloring comic pages for DC comics.

Aaron returned to Hawaii where he held regular jobs while creating freelance illustrations for the Bay Area's Youth Outlook! magazine, self publishing comics, and focusing on making music.

In 2005, Aaron left Hawaii for San Francisco where he made little to no art. In 2006 he packed his things up and drove up the coast to Seattle. Here he joined fellow members of his now disbanded comic group, "Scubotch"; Kelly Froh (Slither), Max Clotfelter (Dumpster), and his high school friend Kaz Strzepek (the Mourning Star). Living in the Pacific Northwest, Aaron began painting as well as doing photography. 2007 led way to yet another move; back to San Francisco; to accept a job as a production designer for Zazzle.com where he worked with music artists and brands, most notably Star Wars. After Zazzle, Aaron created thousands of banner ads for start-up 5to1.com, which was eventually acquired by Yahoo.

Aaron currently resides in Seattle and works as a Graphic and Web Designer while occasionally creating comics.